star wars reads day may be over but star wars forever!

Star Wars is huge, right? I mean, everyone has an opinion: the original movies were the best! I love Jar Jar Binks! I hate Jar Jar Binks! Clone Wars is better than Episodes 1, 2, and 3 combined! Ewoks ruined Return of the Jedi! The Empire Strikes Back is the best movie hands down!

And Star Wars Reads Day is huge, right? Families! Characters! Games! Giveaways!

And it’s election season, right? Campaign ads and campaign ads and campaign ads. And then more campaign ads and campaign ads and campaign ads.

So, last night while watching Star Wars: Rebels (yes, we bought the entire season on Amazon. no, we don’t have children. yes, I’m glad we bought it because from what I saw? It RULES.) I starting thinking about extending our Star Wars love for a few more weeks. With something passive. And something timely.

Star Wars 3

Okay, okay, I know. I’m going to get nailed for including a picture of Yoda as a rebel because technically he’s obviously not a rebel, but YODA. And I really wanted to use rebels instead of jedis because of the new show, but I didn’t want to use a character from the new show in case there were kids who haven’t had the chance to see it yet.

Star Wars 4

Next week, kids will create “campaign” posters for their favorite side. They can draw a picture, they can write a few sentences whichever they feel most comfortable doing. I wondered at first how many kids would even pick the Empire, but if my nephews are any indication: The Dark Side is popular. Very popular.

Star Wars 2

The following week, we vote. Everyone who votes gets an “I voted” sticker and a chance to win some Star Wars swag.

My original idea last night was to have a ballot that included everything: each movie, Clone Wars, Rebels, and even the books. But in the light of this morning and after talking it over with my supervisor, we decided simple is better. A gazillion choice ballot would be overwhelming for some of our youngest patrons who are huge fans and we wanted them to participate as well.

This entire program took me about 25 minutes to create and if I know our kids, we’ll have at least 75 participate over the course of the 2 weeks.

Passive programming, y’all. It’s an amazing thing.