sometimes? i like to flirt with danger

Confession #1: I don’t make a lot of flannels for storytime. It’s not that I don’t like them. It’s more that I find myself repeating the same one week after week for a session because I do toddler storytimes and repetition repetition repetition is the name of the game.

Confession #2: I sometimes have a devious mind.

Which leads me to my very first Flannel Friday submission!

I am fairly certain most are aware of the charming rhyme “Little mouse, little mouse are you in the _______ house?”

May I present: Little Fox and his boxes!



I am not what one would call an “artist” so my little fox pattern came from a quick google image search of fox coloring pages.

And may I just say, I despise puffy paint. That black box never looked the way I wanted it to.

I used little fox and little box for my last session.  I’d hide little fox behind the 3rd box. I’d change the color, but he was always behind the 3rd box. Before we’d start our rhyme, we’d go through each color. I’d then ask “What box should we look in first?”

They never.ever.ever.pick the 3rd box first. Ever.

We’d then clap our hands and chant our rhyme: “Little fox, little fox are you in the BLUE box?” And I’d say “Get your fingers ready to count! Remember, caregivers, Miss Erin starts counting with her thumb because counting on our fingers this way strengthens our first three fingers which happen to be the ones we need to be strong in order to write! Here we go! One, two, THREE! Ohhhhh….little fox isn’t there! Where should we look next?”

I’d usually go through it at least twice before I’d suggest the 3rd box and then we’d cheer for ourselves for finding him!

It doesn’t seem devious. And little fox is gosh darn adorable. But f-o-x is a particularly challenging word for toddlers and it can sometimes sound like a bunch of 2 year olds are chanting…something…else.

I still chuckle just thinking about it sometimes.

Little fox is now retired along with little mouse. They’ll both be back some day. I’ve come up with something new for this session:

“Little duck, little duck are you in the BLUE truck?”

I’m living on the edge.


3 thoughts on “sometimes? i like to flirt with danger

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