midwinter freakout #9672

I get to go to Midwinter in Chicago this weekend! Yay!

I’m kind of freaking out about Midwinter in Chicago this weekend! Boo!

I didn’t even realize I was freaking out until a few days ago when I stopped sleeping because nothing helps a freak out more than insomnia.

I think I’ve finally sorted out all of the reasons for the freak outs and have talked myself down or at least enough to maybe let me sleep tonight. I’m not gonna lie: I’m sort of hoping admitting all of the reasons will help.

1. I’m only at Midwinter Saturday-Monday. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), this means I have to take Friday off. Which means I’m missing 2 work days. I somehow managed to say “YES! I CAN DO THAT!” to a few too many projects with looming deadlines and with an active programming schedule, meetings, and desk time, I’m feeling like there is no way I’m going to get everything done.

Hey, guess what, Erin? It’s going to be okay. Nothing on your list is life or death. Prioritize. Do what you can. And ask for help. Asking for help is not a weakness. It means you need help. And maybe in the future? Consider saying “Actually, I don’t think I’m able to commit to another project right now.”

2. Midwinter is BIG. I had the opportunity to go to Annual last time it was in Chicago and it was awesome and I loved it and while it was a little overwhelming I had a PLAN. My plan right now is all on my phone and I have about 50 things I want to do and only 3 days to do it all and I haven’t really taken the time to untangle everything.

Hey, guess what, Erin? It’s going to be okay. Midwinter IS big. Prioritize. Do what you can. Take that glorious day off Friday before you leave and figure out where you want to go and what you want to do. You’re also not going alone. You have the best conferencing partner and the two of you can divide and conquer!

3. My Midwinter packing list looks like this: “PACK.” You haven’t even thought about all of the things you’re going to need! Your mobile charger! Your iPad! Snacks and coffee because McCormick Place can be a food desert and Starbucks lines are long and you need coffee! Uke chord sheets because you want to go to Guerrilla Storytime and you want to share what you know and you know you’ll forget all your chords the minute you get there! Clothes that are comfortable but professional! Boots! Toiletries!

Hey, guess what, Erin? You kind of just wrote your packing list. Calm.down.

4. There are so many cool people I want to meet in person for the first time or people I have met once or twice and what if I’m overcome with anxiety and an attack of shyness and I end up only talking to the best conferencing partner whom I adore but we have 6 hours in the car together and a hotel room and she and I can talk to each other just about whenever we want?

Hey, guess what, Erin? You can be anxious. That’s okay. There are other people who are anxious too. And Sara just wrote a post that made you feel so much better. If you’re going to Midwinter and you’re feeling like “OMG! I don’t even know what to SAY?!” Sara gives some pretty awesome advice.

If you happen to be going to Midwinter, I know I’ll absolutely positively be attending Guerrilla Storytime and the Storytime Petting Zoo on Saturday and Guerrilla Storytime on Sunday too. Details are HERE. I hope you’ll be there too so we can learn from each other and have FUN doing it!

You know what? I actually do feel better! LET’S DO THIS, #ALAMW15!


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