this is such a simple exercise and it’s going to make (my brain!) strong!

Thanks, Jbrary, for introducing me to this awesome storytime song I use every week with toddlers and is permanently lodged in my brain and inspired the title of this post!

My love of strategic plans and goals and objectives is well known in these parts. I blame our previous director who allowed me to be a part of the library-wide strategic planning process when he first came on board despite the fact I was a part time aide. I love thinking long term while crafting measurable activities to reach goals. I love making those goals ambitious yet not discouraging.

It’s the end of the fiscal year so it’s not surprising I’m the kid who raised her hand and said “Do you want to see how I did on my goals and objectives this past year?” to my manager. There’s no point in spending time creating goals if you’re not going to see how you did. I know the process can seem like managementspeak, but I find it genuinely motivating. My job focus has also changed so it was important to me to set new goals for this upcoming fiscal year that reflect that change.

So, how did I do?

Goal 1: Promote reading as a leisure activity for K-3rd graders.

Measurable activities: Wild Readers with a goal of 100 kids signed up by the end of FY2015. 64 kids signed up. Passive programming with a goal of reaching an average of 100 kids per month. An average of 400 kids participated each month (!!!!!). Visit all 4 public schools in the area to promote reading as a leisure activity. I personally visited 2 of the schools and offered the department’s “Caregiver Bootcamp: Reading with Children” presentation. Develop a partnership with the Boys and Girls Club to promote reading as a leisure activity for their elementary kids with a goal of reaching 20 kids per month. The average number of participants was 29 per month.

I’m not gonna lie, I think I did pretty well on this front. I didn’t reach my goal with Wild Readers, but I stand by that program 100%. One of challenges we had with that program was getting caregivers to understand this was a way to get kids to enjoy reading and not in competition with required school reading. And the passive programming was obviously an enormous hit. Our relationship with schools remains challenging, but we’re making inroads. While I technically met my attendance goal with the Boys and Girls Club, I really don’t feel as though I was successful with promoting reading as a leisure activity. I was competing with other programming and I started feeling like I was bribing kids to attend my program which never works long term.

Goal 2: Increase engagement with community by use of social media for the library specifically twitter.

Measurable activities: A minimum of 5 tweets a week and increase followers by 50% for FY2015. This was a total fail as I didn’t keep track of how often I posted nor did I note where our followers were at the beginning of the fiscal year. I was a member of the social media committee (the only non-librarian member, I might add) from the beginning and while I’m proud of the work I did when it comes to twitter training and finally using our twitter account for its intended purpose, I recently stepped down from the committee in the hopes another non-librarian staff member would have the chance to hold a leadership position within the library. I’m happy to report that did indeed happen and my replacement is doing a great job. But in terms of goals? Fail.

Goal 3: Develop developmentally appropriate storytime guidelines for infant, toddler, and preschool implementing ECRR2 at each stage.

Measurable activities: Working documents will be in place by the end of FY2015 for use in future training of storytime providers in the library. This was sort of a mixed bag. Preschool storytime training is in place as are storytime competencies and evaluation forms. I’m definitely carrying this over to FY2016 and hope to have it completed by the end of next June.

Goal 4: Consistently create posts for caregiver and kids blog on the new website.

Measurement: TBD by supervisor. So this guy was totally not my fault as our new website was supposed to be in place by last September…then October….then March…then May. Since the launch of the new site, I am one of 4 people contributing to the caregiver blog so I am responsible for 1 post a month. This one will be carried over too.

Overall? I think I done good. I didn’t meet all of my goals, but I created them to be challenging so that’s okay. I’m especially proud of passive programming as that was something our department had never tried before.

Next up: create new goals that support our department’s soon-to-be-created updated strategic plan that reflect the change in my job’s focus from school aged to early literacy.

I nerdily can’t wait to get started.