and star wars and more star wars and did you hear about star wars and star wars and star wars!

Rumor has it there’s all sorts of holiday celebrations happening these days, but around these parts it’s all STAR WARS ALL OF THE TIME.


We’ve got a little writing prompt up that instructs kids to finish this sentence on a sticky note. We’ve had over 100 people participate (I say “people” because we did have who we believe to be a caregiver write this: “…a mommy ate a donut in peace and quiet while her kiddo read a book after doing all of his chores. Bliss.”) and this is another one of my favorites:



One of my coworkers also put together this great Hoth-inspired I Spy display with lots of help from coworkers who have extensive Star Wars collections:


And finally, we have signage and buttons for Friday and beyond in an attempt to keep spoilers to a minimum. Staff who have seen the movie will wear the “I Saw Star Wars” buttons and staff who have not will wear the “No Spoilers Please!” buttons. Those of us who have seen it will be available for gushing or commiserating away from those who have not.


I will be wearing an “I Saw Star Wars” button on Friday.

Merry Star Wars to all and Happy Star Wars and May your Star Wars be merry and bright!



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