resolving to rock



I’m not too late! It’s still January! So, I’m going to Resolve to Rock along with a whole bunch of other awesome peeps thanks to Storytime Underground!

  1. Keep it positive. I can get bogged down in problems and obstacles and talking about problems and obstacles under the guise of solving problems and obstacles when in reality, it’s just a lot of complaining talk. All this does is detract from actually SOLVING problems and obstacles. I’m going to take a minute before I respond, think about how I can help, and keep my language and attitude positive.
  2. Be Erin. I’ve spent the last few months trying to not-be-a-leader because I was confusing management with leadership. I’m not a manager, therefore I should not be a leader. WRONG. Leaders hold all sorts of positions. Leaders listen, leaders keep it positive (see #1!), leaders encourage and support other team members. I’ve been told I’m a natural leader and it’s time develop and share that part of me instead of trying to squash it.
  3. Smash my useless imposter syndrome once and for all. “I have nothing new to add to the conversation.” SMASH! “I’m not qualified to have an opinion about that.” SMASH! “There’s no point in applying to present at a conference because I have nothing new to share.” SMASH! SMASH! SMASH! SMASH!
  4. Reclaim my life outside of work. Since I’ve started working in youth services, I’ve become MISS ERIN just about everywhere. Erin loves to cook. Erin loves to run and be active. Erin loves to read grownup books. Erin loves to make handmade things. Miss Erin loves her job, but Miss Erin will only be better at her job if she takes care of herself first.

Rock on, friends!